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Nya IP-telefoner från Aastra ger företagen bättre kommunikationsmöjligheter

Nya SIP-telefoner befäster Aastras starka marknadsposition för telefonsystem.


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Aastra OfficeSuite
Use the PC to manage calls and messages, swap easily between telephony and standard PC functions; with the Aastra OfficeSuite you retain control at the click of a mouse!

Wherever telephony is key, the Aastra OfficeSuite is the ideal tool. It offers the user full control of calls and messages, as well as an overview of the status of all team members. Numerous options allow the application to be enriched with additional functions to offer true added value, tailored to the individual business requirements.
A wealth of functions

The Aastra OfficeSuite offers a range of functions that make call and message management even easier:

The phone window provides full on-screen control of your phone including access to call lists, directories, redial etc.
The "presence indicator" shows the presence, busy and availability status of all subscribers or work groups.
The clearly laid-out journal permits rapid access to call lists, messages and personal notes.
The telephone book integrates all available contacts from corporate directories and personal contacts in one place.
OfficeSuite also offers a vast range of options to individually configure the Aastra terminals such as setting key functions, ringtones and label printing.
Individual profiles.
Various notifications.
Practical yet  sophisticated

But the Aastra OfficeSuite is capable of even more:

Dialling using a hotkey: Using any freely definable key combination, calls can be accepted and cleared directly from the computer keyboard.
Using the clever highlighting function, numbers can be set up directly from a document: Simply highlight the relevant number which can be on the web, in a document etc. press the defined hotkey and the call is made!
The OfficeSuite operates with both fixed and cordless hand-sets; it switches automatically to whichever telephone is currently in use.
Linking to MS Outlook provides even greater convenience: Using the Exchange Connection*, you can for example, Dial from your Outlook contacts, and the system will Screen Pop all available information on an incoming caller from your Outlook Contacts too. In addition, the calendar and the presence indicator can be connected so your colleagues can always see when you will be back from an external appointment or when a meeting is due to finish.

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